Dave`s Resume
Playing my heart away. ((( TRUMPET )))
Making music is my special gift.
For this I Thank you Jesus..
April 2nd 2003  brought my baby son Elias into this World, his picture is at the bottom of this page :)
Connecticut 102nd Army National Guard Band
I was their Lead Trumpet player as well as my section leader.. ( 1987-2005 ) I will miss it!!
My good friends:

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Not many people I consider friends.    I`ll start with Jose Davila, one of the greatest musician ever to come out of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Jose has played with everybody & continues to play on all 7 continents with the best of the best, he is a wonder. In all musical  fields , he`s the 8th wonder of the world.

Many musicians I would like to mention:   ( High school teacher ) John Pearson on trumpet, Marc Neeley also on trumpet, Rich Therault, on all woodwinds & bass, Emmanuel Rivera ( mini me )  an awsome bebop player ( I don't know how he plays so fast ) Jeff Motola also on trumpet., Vinny & Ray and their Orquesta, Tito Planas on T-bone., Nathan & Jerry Perez just to mention a few. These are the "cats" that came out of Connecticut.  Angie Machado, Luis Aquino, Elias Lopez ( three incredible trumpet players from Puerto Rico who were also very good friends.

Some of my friends:
Carmen Nieves , Kim Penrice. ( My groupies ).. ( Araseli Barranza from Arizona & Ashley Brinson from Georgia are my trumpet students ).
My happyness officially began on February 4th 2006 when I asked Johanna to be my girlfriend, honestly I didn't believe in love and didn't imagine it was real, but since this day my life has done a 360 degree turn around, I now know what living is for..
Johanna thank you for being yourself & for letting me find you, you've shown me what love is & for this I am very grateful, my plans with you are very simple, to marry you & live happily ever after,  I've never felt happier, I've never loved anyone like I love you.   

Special Thanks to the "Merengue" scene of Puerto Rico in which I was a part of.  Apart from Playing with Willy Colon, Los Sabrosos del Merengue, Elias Lopez, I was an original member of La Gozadera which came  from the ashes of Tempo Merenguero.  The members were Eli, Hector, & Luz Ramos, Edwin Roldan, Nelson Rodriguez, Hiram Rivas, Jose Maldonado, Ralphael Bow, Willy ?? And the humble Jose-Angel Matias on vocals, Matias ended up playing with los Sabrosos & brought that group to a professional level.   Many people do not know in reality who created Los Sabrosos del Merengue and La Gozadera, most CD's claim the bands were created by Antonia Rivera ( a.k.a. Tono Matraco ), well that's not the truth, these two musical groups were created by Eli Ramos from Orocovis, P.R.   Eli is a humble and creative man,  but Antionio had the millions to steal the rights to these groups. ( typical of the musical scene ).

My Siblings..
Evelyn Perez, Ruben Ruiz, Sonia Merced, & all of my nieces & nephews, there's many... I won't forget Mom ( Esther Rosario ) may God bless us all.

Again I am David ( the DOC )  & my love is the trumpet ( And the upper register ) or as they say the screamer, but I try to do as much of it as I can...

If you're passing thru then stop and say hello..
The best to all who do stop by...